Your Research & Development Center


Hello, nice to meet you here! You want to know what RDC is about? We can tell you in a second.


We work together to manage stakeholders, requirements and business benefits and processes. We analyze the ROI of your project. And we plan your projects and build reliable roadmaps.


We model and develop the system architecture, refine requirements, work out specifications and develop concepts and models.


Building up UI/UX models and defining next level design concepts is part of the game. We give you fast insights through rapid ideation and user tests.


We serve your projects with experience in diverse frameworks in mobile, web, backend and database development. We excel both the development of new projects and the migration of legacy products to the future.


We are committed to continuous testing while coding. Testing provides a safety net for your project and is performed on multiple levels and in different ways: Automated unit, module and integration tests and additional, manual testing procedures.


We have a people-first, value-driven approach to IT-solution delivery, based on cutting-edge agile methods and agile instantiations of time-proven methods.

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