Company & Team

A little bit about RDC

Founded in 2015 our young company already employs 8 great characters who are fully involved in software development. What do we have in common? We love technology and strive to be better every day. We grow into perfection without loosing efficiency. And we care for our team, for our customers and for our environment. Located in lovely Veliko Tarnovo in the heart of Bulgarian history we seek the best talents on those who are on the way to get there. Together we design innovation and shape the future.

Our Vision

Great software development

We love what we do. In every aspect, from every point of view. It is passion and profession.

Building a strong team

We care. For our team, for our clients, for our environment. Together we conquer!

Explore the unexplored

We want to get where no one has been before. And discover not yet uncovered potentials.

Grow every day

We want to understand deeper and better. Not only technology, but us. To get better day by day.

The Team behind

Research and Developement Center

Martina Gancheva

Office Manager

Milan Marinov


Ivan Kulekov


Krasimir Dimitrov


Silvia Petrova


Joana-Beatris Daneva

Software Tester

Mariela Ivanova

Software Tester

Yordan Kanev

IT Consultant

Marta Papazova

Software Tester

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