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Creation & Innovation in Software Development


  • Include stakeholders
  • Analyze requirements
  • Develop initial vision & roadmap
  • Develop architectural strategies
  • Develop technical strategies
  • Manage and mitigate risks
We work together with stakeholders to identify and manage requirements, processes, business values and risks. We analyze the return of investment of your project. We plan your project and build a reliable roadmap, leading to a successful delivery.

In the project startup phase (iteration zero) we clarify in team work with the stakeholders the business problem that needs to be solved. We identify the needed functionalities and we analyze the business value they provide to your organization. We capture and manage the associated requirements. We envision the architecture of the future product and identify viable technical solutions and strategies. Based on the initial vision for your project, including the projects scope, timeline, constraints, architectural and technical strategies and risks, we build a reliable roadmap to a successful solution delivery. We develop a shared understanding of the functional and technical risks together with the stakeholders as early as possible as an essential part of our frontloading strategy to ensure the success of your project. We plan our approach for the solution to be developed, and set up the project team and the work environment.


  • Bring the user’s perspective in development
  • Systematically maximize business value
  • Develop system architecture
  • Agile UI/UX prototyping
  • Fast insights
  • Short iteration cycles
  • Rigorous testing
We let the voice of the user determine the path of solution development. We continually and systematically analyze and maximize the business value of the solution. We develop a robust system architecture and implement the solution. We keep You in the development loop through short iteration cycles. We provide you with fast insights. We perform rigorous testing to continually ensure the quality of the solution.

We analyze the relevant user roles and usage scenarios, as well as the business value they provide to your organization. We develop the detailed system architecture, refine and manage requirements, develop agile concepts and lightweight models for the new product, based on Your goals for the project. Together, we identify and analyze the important concepts and their relationships, establishing a common vocabulary for the project team. By including the stakeholders in the development process, we make sure that we are all on the same page. We build up agile UI/UX models and prototypes, and define next level design concepts as vital part of the process. We explore viable possibilities of how people can work with the product and how they can gain the best business value from it. We give you fast insights through rapid ideation and user tests. We produce consumable solutions and prototypes in regular, short iteration cycles. We address changing stakeholder needs by adapting to new requirements in each iteration as necessary. We serve Your projects with experience in diverse technologies for mobile, web, and desktop applications development, including programming languages, programming frameworks and programming interfaces, database management systems, modelling tools and others. We excel both in new development projects and in migration of legacy products to the future. We are committed to continuous testing while developing Your product and thereafter. Our rigorous testing provides a safety net, which reduces the risk for Your project. We perform tests on multiple levels and in different ways: Automated unit, module and integration tests and additional, manual testing procedures.


  • Delight our customers
  • People-first approach
  • Safe deployment of new solutions
  • Documentation and training
  • Mature support environment
  • Professional IT and product support teams
We strive to delight our customers by delivering the right solution at the right time. We emphasize the importance of the human factor and follow a people-first-approach. We provide professional support and training. We safely deploy new solutions by using state-of-the art technologies and infrastructure.

Our main goal is to satisfy and delight our customers with a successful delivery of the product. We follow a people-first, value- and risk-driven approach to IT-solution delivery, based on cutting-edge agile methods and agile instantiations of systematic methodologies. Together with you we work out a plan for the transition from testing to actually using the system in the environment of Your organization. We make sure that the product is ready for delivery by finalizing the lifecycle testing. We perform deployment testing. If required by the project goals, we prepare for data migration and eventually for pilot testing. We provide You with documentation and training materials. We make sure that our stakeholders are ready for delivery by communicating frequently and openly. We put emphasis on a goal-oriented training and education of the users. We encourage You to reap the benefits of a mature support environment with a motivated and friendly product support team. Our delivery process is flanked by a professional IT-team and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, which are dedicated to the successful deployment, usage and maintenance of Your products. This enables us among other things to backup and restore existing products, to migrate source data and thus safely deploy new products to our customers.


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